i got 99 problems and probably about 94 of them come from my lack of motivation to do anything


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queenhelbig replied to your post “real talk, guys. how do i survive the notebook? because i seriously…”

easily bc its not sad at all

yeah, it’s not really a sad story but oh my god ?? my emotions ??


The season of leg shaving is upon us.

real talk, guys. how do i survive the notebook? because i seriously don’t know what to do now.

my hart is aching. big time.

Catbig’s Adventures in Wonderland


❧ ❧ ❧

This is a thing I wrote for Cat, aka Yotoob, who’s an amazing writer and inspiring person. She’s also very cool. Rumour has it some anons ship her with Grace Helbig, so I thought, why not take this one step further.

And then it got a little out of control.


❧ ❧ ❧

She shouldn’t have followed that goddamn rabbit.

As a person with nearly two million subscribers and a fairly well-adjusted adult she surely has better things to do than crawl under the surface of the earth in pursuit of a talking rodent.

But here she is.

And she didn’t even take her camera, so there will be no footage for FriDiary. Though on reflection, maybe it’s for the best.

There’s a light at the end of the rabbit hole. For a moment, Grace wonders whether she should go in that direction. What if…

‘Nah, that’s a different genre,’ she mutters to herself, crawling out with some difficulty.

Outside, there is a small clearing which ends several yards ahead of her with a wall of trees. A sign, conveniently nailed to one of them, informs her that she’s found herself in the Tulgey Wood.

Grace stands to her feet, dusting off her clothes with one hand. They’re pretty much ruined.

‘That was a metaphor for birth, some people say. And of course there’s the Freudian interpretation, where everything you see down here is a manifestation of your subconscious. Or maybe it’s just a product of a fucked-up mind. As for me, I’m really glad we were spared the fall where you talk to bats and stuff.’

Grace looks in the direction of the voice, half-expecting to see the rabbit dressed in academic robes. But instead there’s a human person. A female one. She looks friendly and surprisingly normal, given the circumstances.

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this is brilliant.


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The Holy Trinity 2012/2013/2014

2014 looks like we’re all very happy to be in a nice jail cell