…and he’s probably still dating that other girl. good for them.

kill me now.




a day before a test and the only question i have is what did we learn

1999 white expedition



Some people in this fandom will get it, others won’t.

*cough* Suburban Prince *cough*

I never should have let you let me go.

Charis Chapter One


Hannah leans against the waist-high wall easily, watching the river below her ripple in the spring rain. It’s barely dawn and the streets are deserted, but Hannah is wide awake. There’s something about Paris that’s always felt so solid to her, like she can feel the millennia of history under her feet.

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [3/5] favorite male characters ✿ Felix Dawkins
Am I blushing? There’s redness, right there! Tiny little suburban stress zits, emerging in direct proximity to bad architecture.

'Yeah, I bought this cause I wanted to keep it'


Somehow, Alison is the tiniest clone. 

Somehow, Cosima is the curviest clone.

Somehow, I feel protective watching Sarah break down.

Somehow, when Rachel does the same, I want to look away.

Somehow, sexuality comes naturally to Sarah and Cosima and Rachel.

Somehow, when it’s Helena or Alison, I feel gross and intrusive.

Orphan Black: the show of somehows and wizardry. 


can i log out of life

graces fashion sense though


VOCTOBER 12: Rapping in Cars… So Coy!